Judauca Affiliate program

We invite you to partner in a Judaica Affiliate program with Galilee Silks, a leading Tallit Shop designing and providing Tallits to customers and shops all over the world.

We pride ourselves in the exceptionally high quality of the hand-made items that we offer and in the service that we provide.

When you choose to join our affiliate program you team up with a professional Tallit Shop that provides rewarding referal commissions.

Judaica Affiliate Program Registration FAQ:

What is the Judaica Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is a form of advertising in which the manufacturer\seller, pays on external pages\websites referrals which result in an order . Affiliates are paid a percentage of the revenues generated from people they referred to our site by clicking a unique link. Currently, Galilee Silks pays up to 15% commission on orders generated within 30 days of referral.

How can you know where customers come from?
unique link is given to each affiliate. When someone clicks on the link, they will be directed to our main site, but we will be able to see that they were referred by you.

What if I don't have a web site?
An affiliate program can also work for an individual or organization that sends out emails on a regular basis. If you have a mailing list that you run, you can put your unique link to our site in the text of the email.

What about orders that are made offline?
As we have no way to track orders made offline, we cannot pay commissions on orders made offline. We strongly encourage everyone to order online - orders can be made by credit card or pay pal through our web site.

When are we paid?
Galilee Silks will pay the referral commission on a monthly basis. Commissions are only paid on the cost of the item - shipping charge is not included in the commission.

How to sign up?
Please send us an email to orders@galileesilks.com or contact us  with a brief description of your business. Once we receive and review your profile\web site, one of our representatives will contact you.