Why is the symbol of the Lion of Judah on the Bar Mitzvah tallit considered so important?

Buy the "Lion of Judah" Bar Mitzvah tallit from Galilee Silks. The traditional symbol of the Lion of Judah signifies the values and commitment of the Jewish people for thousands of years. 

The Lion of Judah is a traditional and famous symbol of the values and dedication of the Jewish people of all ages who play a vital role in creating social justice, helping the persons exposed to physically being attacked or harmed, preserving human dignity, and building Jewish identity. As a lion of Judah, every person plays a significant role in their community with other lions throughout the world. 

For thousands of years, the Lion of Judah has been used as a symbol of strength, honor, and dedication for the Tribe of Judah. Many Jewish families consider having the Lion of Judah symbol on the tallit because of its history and significance in one's life.


Purple Lion of Judah tallit Men's Tallit, Bar Mitzvah Tallit, Hebrew Prayer Shawl

A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl that has fringes attached to its four corners. In Judaism, when a young man turns 13, he is honored with a celebration known as Bar Mitzvah. As per the tradition, during the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, the boy is wrapped in a prayer shawl or a Bar Mitzvah tallit to commemorate the divine adulthood of the boy.

What does the Lion of Judah signify?

The Lion of Judah is considered one of the main Jewish cultural symbols which symbolize people’s strength and determination. The symbol is found in the books- Genesis and Revelation. In the book of Genesis, Judah is praised and blessed by his father Jacob and cited to him and his future tribe as a lion and a lion’s cub. As the lion known for its power and the king of beasts, identically, the tribe of Judah was destined to rule over the Jewish people, including the longest line of Kings known. The reason behind the tribe of Judah becoming one of the most prominent is because it was the tribe of the monarchy. This means the rulership should continue under the leadership of one leader.

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According to tradition, each of the twelve tribes had their own flag and gemstone in the High Priest's breastplate. The color of Judah's flag is light blue containing an emblem of a lion, while the tribe's gemstone is light turquoise. Typically, the essence of the lion, which is blue in color is considered hot and fiery. The challenge was to capture the blue essence of the lion so as to convey the spiritual quality of the jewel to the other tribe members and show them the power. 

The Lion of Judah and Tzedakah

The mitzvot of Tzedakah is closely entwined with the Lion of Judah. The responsibility with the Tzedakah is that each Jew has to be "their brother's keeper" and make a notable difference in the lives of others. The true meaning of Tzedakah is 'justice', which means a person needs to do some acts of devotion toward fulfilling the necessities of others- basically a central focus in one's life. Whether it be a monetary contribution or a contribution of one's kindness, the influence of the act of tzedakah, cannot be overstated. The lion of Judah is a powerful symbol of this spirit of generosity and selflessness.

To Sum Up

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