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Get the handy tips for choosing the perfect woman Tallit that many families need to know. The tips will help you choose the best Tallit for women for your family members.  

For Jewish women, choosing a woman Tallit can be very complicated. Tallit is sometimes received at a milestone moment in one’s adult Jewish life. At Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, many families like to give their children Tallitot that they wear for the first time as they lead a congregation in prayer and learning on their special, exciting day.

Though the process of choosing Tallit for woman can be emotional, in the midst of planning for family event it can be put off until the last minute. Therefore, taking the time to choose a Tallit not only allows a moment for everybody involved to take a step back but also focus on the essentiality of the event in their Jewish journey.

White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women

If you and your daughter or granddaughter are finding the process of choosing the perfect Tallit for woman a little daunting, here in this blog, we have discussed some tips that will help you make the process a little easier. Keep reading!

Keep A Sharp Eye On The Size of Your Tallit

Normally, Tallit is offered in two different sizes, one is gadol and another is shawl size. A Tallit gadol is larger and worn draped up and folded over the shoulders, and shawls are made of using less material and worn with all four corners hanging in the front of the individual wearing it. The shawl style is smaller and allows you for more movement whilst wearing it. So choose your Tallit keeping in mind the size aspect.

Be True To Yourself

When you are preparing for a Bat Mitzvah, there can be many voices vying for attention in each decision: the decorations, the attire, to name a few. The decision of which woman Tallit to choose depends on the size, color, or where to buy it, should be yours. Your family members, friends or your relatives can guide you, but trust on your gut and choose something you can see yourself being excited to wear for the rest of your life.

Try To Find A Connection

Not to mention, for some of you, that the opportunity to wear an older relative’s Tallit can bring joy and strengthen a bond across generations. Whilst these are not new Tallitot, they can carry a story of family history and importance in one’s Jewish identity. But one thing you should bear in mind is – a connection can also be found in a new Tallit. The fact is - a certain color or pattern may bring to mind a memory that serves as central to your personality as well as approach to life.

Pink Star of David Tallit for women

The Takeaway

Last, but certainly not the least, if none of the Tallitot you see suit your fancy or you face difficulties choosing the best woman Tallit, you should visit Galilee Silks, one of the leading and most trusted Israeli silk designers who specializes in the hand-dyeing of raw white silk, and produces a distinctive range of Bar and Bat mitzvah Tallit.

One of the best parts about Galilee Silks Tallit Shop products is – they include meaningful messages and symbols in the designs. Planning for your Bat mitzvah Tallit can definitely be stressful, all -Galilee Silks customer service is there to help you, with any question!