Top 6 benefits of buying handmade clothes- Buy handmade tallit

If you are concerned about quality, unique design and the environment, go for handmade tallit. You will get the worth for the price you pay for it

Handmade items are gaining popularity day by day as people become more aware of the advantages at a personal level and for the environment as well. Handmade items made by the skilled artisans are unique and exclusive and stand out among the trend-driven, machine-made item. So without wasting any time, let’s check out the top 6 benefits of buying handmade tallit.

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1.    Environment-Friendly

Not only the tallit but most of the handmade products are good for the environment as there is no or low usage of machinery, chemicals, or energy. As compared to machine-made clothes that are produced in huge numbers in large factories, producing greenhouse gasses and toxic wastes, which pollute the atmosphere and the surrounding waterways, the production process of handmade clothes is completely environmentally friendly. Almost all handmade tallits are made in small craft studios and workshops.

When you order from Galilee Silks, know that your handmade tallit is coming from the land of Israel exactly in the same manner as you saw it on the website.


2.    Unique Product

You will often find handmade items produced in limited quantities in unique designs. The craftsmanship quality too is made with the highest industry standards, which really makes the cloth and the purchase very special. No matter where you go, you’ll not come across anyone wearing exactly the same piece of clothing and that’s pretty unique! 

All the modern and traditional tallit you can find with Galilee Silks can also be customized in your exact size and personalized with your name embroidery in Hebrew on the tallit bag.

3.    Supporting The Local Economy And The Artist

Buying any handmade product is related to supporting the local economy. Instead of giving your money directly to large international companies where the maker or designer receives a fraction of the product’s price, it’s always a good thing to support the hard-working craftsperson and the local economy. Remember, each of your purchases gives the artist, the maker, and the craftsperson confidence in their product, a chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business and carry on producing beautiful works in the future.

When you buy a tallit from Galilee Silks, you are directly supporting the talented and skilled Israel-based artists.

4.    Natural Colors

Machine-made items use industrial dyes that are highly toxic in nature. Undoubtedly, the colors that are produced at the end are vibrant and eye-catching, but the use of too many chemicals in the process is damaging to the environment. On the other hand, the dyes used in handmade items are derived from plant extracts that are not harmful to people working with them or the environment. The final color of the clothes looks naturally colorful and beautiful.

5.    Durable And Withstands Time

Usually, handmade fabrics are carefully selected and the artwork is made slowly with less wear and tear. As a result, the material as well as the beautiful work of art lasts long and withstands time. Handmade clothes are definitely going to be with you for a long time.

6.    Human Connection

Handmade clothes always have a feeling attached to them that cannot be explained in words. When it comes to handmade tallitot, there is a felt relationship between wearer and maker that is not present in tallitot made by machines. This connection cannot be measured as the artisan not only knit a cloth, but emotions too.

The fact that the cloth is designed, prepared day and night by a skilled artisan, makes it more valuable.

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Final Words


Yes, it is true that handmade items sometimes may cost more than commercially made items, but the unique design and the manner in which they are produced are worth it. The premium fabrics, love, care & attention to detail create something unique in addition to the cost too.

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