Top 5 tips to find the perfect chuppah tallit for a wedding

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In all religions, you will find marriage to be a significant ritual that is considered a part of the circle of life and a holy tradition. Hence, like every other important event, the tallit or the Jewish prayer shawl plays a significant role in the Jewish wedding. The marriage ceremony in the Jewish tradition is performed under a marriage canopy, known in Hebrew as a chuppah (meaning “covering”). The chuppah or traditional Jewish wedding canopy consists of a square cloth, usually made of silk or velvet, supported by four staves, and ordinarily held by four men, symbolizing their joyful new home together. 

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But how can you find the best chuppah tallit for a wedding? This is exactly what we will share in this post. Read on as we will be sharing some tips on how you can find the perfect Jewish prayer shawl for a wedding. 

Determine The Purpose:

The first and foremost thing you need to determine while buying a tallit is its purpose. You need to make sure whether you will wear the tallit or use it as the top of a Chuppah at your wedding. So, knowing the purpose before buying the tallit will help you choose the best one for the special occasion of your life.

The Personal Preference:

More often than not, the personal preference of the person for whom you are buying the tallit plays a significant role while purchasing one. Therefore, ensure to know whether the personyou are buying the tallit for likes the traditional tallit with simple monotone stripes, more ornate stripes, a flowing multi-colored design that covers the entire tallit or a more contemporary styled tallit.

Know the Right Measurement:

Just like any other piece of clothing, the tallitot also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hence, you need to know the right measurement of the person for whom you are purchasing the tallit.

The Way Of Donning The Tallit:

As mentioned above, a tallit is available in various styles and designs and can be divided into categories based on how narrow or wide they are. A user of a narrow tallit usually wears it in the form of a shawl draped over his/her shoulders. Another option is a Full size tallit that is folded over the arms and shoulders several times and covers a larger portion of the body.So, before you buy a tallit for a particular person, make sure you ask thatperson about the way he/she likes to wear a tallit.

Preference Of Material:

Nowadays, tallitot come in a broad range of fabrics that can be customized as per your needs and preference. This is why a lot of people have distinct preferences when it comes to the material. So before you actually start buying, it is always advisable to know about the material preference for a successful purchase. It can be a Wool tallit, a Silk tallit or a synthetic fabric based one.

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A marriage ceremony is a ritual that seeks the best arrangements for a lifetime. A Jewish wedding lies somewhere between the couple’s expectations while blending their family traditions. The bride and the groom wear a symbolic tallit on the main ceremony day before taking an oath to be husband and wife and remain together for eternity. On their day of union, a tallit is what gives them a traditional sense along with a touch of elegance.

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