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Everyone can learn a lot from the sacrifices and courage shown by a mother. The Jewish scriptures are full of such devoted mothers who went through many tough circumstances of life in order to shape their children’s emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. In this blog, we have mentioned 5 mothers from the Bible whose stories offer up some important guidelines that are worth exploring. Read to know:

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1. Chava (Eve)

The pain and joy of childbirth were first experienced by Chava. Referred to as Eve in English, Chava had no one with her to ask for anything during her pregnancy. No one was there to give her advice because she was the first to experience this beautiful feeling of motherhood. Imagine the courage and endurance that Chava took to become the mother, as well as Doula, without having any knowledge about it. 

2. Leah

Leah was the first wife of his husband, Jacob, but knew throughout her marriage that her husband desired to be with another woman who was none other than her younger sister Rachel. Although Leah was overlooked and given little attention in her troubled relationship, she was seen and cherished by God. God made her fertile and blessed her with four sons right from the beginning and later with two more sons and a daughter. Despite her complicated relationship with Rachel and Jacob, Leah always remained faithful to God, thereby becoming a key matriarch in the Jewish lineage.

3. Yocheved (Jochebed)

Yocheved was one of the greatest Jewish women and a mother that ever lived. As a slave, she lived under the Pharoah’s edict and became a mother at the least convenient time, raising Moses completely in hiding. After trying to hide him for a long time, when she couldn’t do it anymore, she made the hardest decision of sacrificing her son only to ensure his well-being. To save her son’s life, Yocheved put Moses in a waterproof basket and set him afloat on the banks of the Nile, only to be found by Pharaoh’s daughter, who was bathing in the river. Moses was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter and, in turn, grew up to become the leader of the Exodus, leading his people out of the land of Egypt.

4. Naomi

After suffering the loss of her husband and her two sons (which constitute all of Naomi’s male family members), Naomi decided to change her name to Mara, meaning bitterness (as opposed to “Naomi” meaning sweet). Naomi’s motherly love was so powerful that even after the passing away of her sons, one of her daughter-in-law, Ruth, pledged her life to her and decided to move with her to the Land of Israel from the foreign land of Moab. By the end of their story, Naomi remarried her daughter-in-law, Ruth, to a man named Boaz and they both bore a son, Obed. Naomi’s grandson, Obed, became the grandfather of David (Israel’s most beloved king) and eventually, the Messiah.

5. Miriam (Mary)

Primarily recognized for the role she played in saving the life of her brother Moses, Miriam was highly favored by God as He saw the mother in her and therefore tasked her to become the mother of the Messiah. Miriam had to endure the greatest sacrifice of all time as her son was none other than the Messiah himself, who had come to give Himself up as a sacrifice for the betterment of mankind. It takes a lot of courage knowing that she had to watch Him suffer, be tortured and mocked, and die a cruel death on a cross by crucifixion, is astounding. She had a strong faith in God which made her believe that if a promise is made by God, He would definitely see it through. This belief was kept, as Messiah rose again from the grave, securing eternity for her and all who would believe.

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Bottom Line

The exemplary motherhood demonstrated by the above-mentioned 5 amazing mothers from the Bible shows us how complex, determined, and fearless mothers can be. To help you celebrate your love for your mother or any other woman in your life, Galilee Silks offer beautiful and unique tallit for women in several fabric categories, like hand painted silk tallit, sheer voile or wool. It has a wide range of tallit with a wide color scheme, motifs and size at an affordable price. Although the collection includes tallits in standard designs, you can contact them to customize any design of your choice to a different size.