Top 3 unique and modern collection man tallit designs by Galilee Silks in 2022

Handmade by the top artists in Israel, Galilee Silks offers a spectacular collection of high-quality man tallit in modern and stylish designs at a discounted price. Buy your new Handmade Tallitt oday

While many men prefer to wear a more traditionally designed tallit, there are others who like to wear something modern and unique with a little bit of flair. At Galilee Silks, you’ll find a spectacular collection of man tallit in stylish designs that will touch the heart of the wearer in ways that only something so spiritual can. From simple striped patterns to rich-looking special designs, any man would be proud to wear the exclusively handmade tallits from Galilee Silks that are madefrom best quality materials. To help you make your selection easier, here are the top 3 designs of tallit for men in 2022. Take a look:

Modern Grey & Black Tallit for Men

Known as the Modern Grey & Black Tallit for Men, this unique and modern tallit is one of the best-designed tallits by Galilee Silks. It is decorated with a special grey design comprised of quality fabrics and ribbons that you won’t find in any other tallit sold by other sellers. Crafted by the best artisans of Israel, this tallit will create a personal space of diminished distraction and deepened prayer for the wearer while making him stand out among the crowd on any given special occasion. In the neckpiece of the tallit appears the blessing in Hebrew using a special embroidery technique so you can spiritually connect in confidence. Magnificently meaningful, this Wool tallit for men is available at a discounted price of only $259 that is sure to bring joy for years to come. 

Buy the Modern Grey & Black Man Tallit W21 at a discounted price from Galilee Silks

Red and Black Tallit for Men

Enjoy an enclosure that upholds your belief with the Red and Black Tallit for Men decorated with a dramatic panel of stripes in dark Red, Black and Gray. This tallit is designed and manufactured by the most skilled artists of Israel and is sold in a set that includes a tallit bag with the tallit’s design and a Kippah with the same matching color as the tallit. Doesn’t matter whether you want to wear it during morning prayers, Yom Kippur, Bar Mitzvahor other special occasions, this tallit set is the perfect one for Daily use and Holy days. With a great combination of red and black colors, buy this handmade tallit for only $279 from one of Israel's top designers, Galilee Silks.

Check out the modern and uniquely designed Red and Black Man Tallitfrom Galilee Silks

Wool Tallit With Bordeaux, Silver and Gray Decorations for Men

From your next visit to the synagogue, stand out and feel wrapped with qualitywearingthis stunning designer tallit from Galilee Silks. The Wool Tallit With Bordeaux, Silver and Gray Decorations for Men is a one-of-a-kind handmade tallit, made from the finest wool, decorated with exclusive fabrics and ribbons.

The atarah (neckband) is made from Bordeaux Taffeta and the blessing is embroidered on it in Hebrew. The prayer shawl has a special significance and strengthens the power of your prayers, solidifying your spiritual connection when you wear it during morning prayers or any special occasions in the Synagogue. Like every other tallit from Galilee Silks, you can customize this tallit with personal name embroidery on the tallit bag, making it an even more meaningful tallit that you will cherish for a lifetime. So buy this tallit today at aprice of only $299 from Galilee Silks.

Buy the one-of-a-kind handmade Man Tallit With Bordeaux, Silver and Gray Decorations from Galilee Silks

Galilee Silks is proud to offer a modern and unique contemporary man tallit collection made by Israel's leading designers who have been serving Jewish organizations, communities and individuals for decades. It provides a high-quality handmade collection, which stands out for its design that combines old oriental tradition with modern and contemporary ones at a discounted price to all its customers.