Things to remember when buying Jewish prayer shawl for women

4 things to remember when buying Jewish prayer shawl for women. Get the perfect Tallit size, preferable colors, high-quality fabric & intricate designs at Galilee Silks

The Jewish prayer shawl is a significant spiritual emblem to carry on different religious occasions. Jewish women adorn it while attending daily Morning Prayer, visiting the synagogue, participating in any religious congregation, in their Bat Mitzvah occasion, and sometimes in their wedding ceremony. In modern days, it has become an integral part of Jewish women's fashion. They sport the prayer shawl with a contemporary twist. So, if you are thinking to buy a Jewish prayer shawl for women to gift her at a special event, do consider the following things

  1. Royal Lilac Leaves pattern Black Jewish prayer shawl for Women

Height and size of the Bat Mitzvah girl or the bride-

If the tallit does not fit well, it will not look good on the wearer. Generally, two sizes of Jewish prayer shawls are available. The most popular one is worn as a Shawl which follows a standard size of 20"x72". The design pattern of the shawl-like tallit is designed in a way to let it wrap around the shoulder. The second one is traditional that features a full-size design with a size of 55"x72".

When you visit a Judaica store or a tallit shop to buy a Jewish prayer shawl, you need to inform them of the potential height, and the body size of the soon to be Bat Mitzvah girl or the bride. 

 Not only the body structure, but the desired Tallit style also needs to be considered. You must know how the bride prefers wearing it. She may like to wear it in a shawl-like style. Also, a traditional one may be a preferable option for her. Tallit size differs according to the wearing style and the personal characteristics.

The gorgeous design that raises the toast on special occasions-

Women always want to look presentable and showcase their admirable style statement on special occasions. Though the Jewish prayer shawl for women is used to commemorate religious occasions, in modern days, women adorn it as a fashion garment. Unlike the conventional tallit design that only featured blue and black stripes, many decorative designs are displayed in a modern tallit for women.

If you want to draw the limelight upon you on the most cherishing occasions, you must look for a Jewish shawl that is filled with jaw-dropping designs.

Hand-made designs like intricate embroidery, paintings, and appliques are in trend. If you like clear background, you can opt for a white Jewish shawl painted with different Jerusalem motifs that reflects greater religious significance.

Lilac Crocuses Field Jewish Prayer shawl for Women, Feminine Tallit

Preferable color to flaunt with confidence-

Traditional Jewish prayer shawl for women come basically in white featuring black or blue stripes on the four sides and the tzitzit. But now the scenario has changed. The requirement of bright-colored Jewish shawl among the women has triggered the use of vibrant colors in the tallit. At Galilee Silks, you will find a wide variety of feminine Jewish prayer shawls designed on a vibrant color scheme like Pink, Blue, Purple, Lilac, Green, and more.

Traditional or contemporary, the quality of the fabric matters-

In the traditional tallit, white wool was used to be the primary material. Often pure cotton was also used. But now, due to the transition of the prayer shawl into the fashion garment, women also love gorgeous prayer shawl made of original silk, Viscose, polyester etc'.

Since 1993, Galilee silk has been manufacturing and designing premium-quality Israeli silk Jewish prayer shawl. So, if you do not want to take a risk with quality, Galilee Silk is the ultimate platform to check.