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Select a hand-painted unique designer's silk woman tallit for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Buy beautifully decorated woman tallit featuring Jewish symbols. Visit Galilee Silks now.

You must have seen that some Jewish girls are wrapped with a shawl-like garment. It is an integral part of the Jewish culture and the women adorn the religious emblem when they reach the age of bat mitzvah, or decide to have this special milestone at a later stage in life. Some Reform and Conservative Jewish women respect the spiritual significance attached to this prayers shawl and wear it while attending any occasion like Bat Mitzvah rituals, wedding ceremony, prayer hall, in a religious congregation assembly in a synagogue.

Do you notice the different kinds of woman tallit the Jewish women wear during these mentioned events? While some of them stick to the conventional classic wool tallit, a significant number of young women of any age flaunt silk tallit that features beautifully hand-painted designs. 

Silk woman tallit for Bat Mitzvah girl, Musical Tallit for Women

How to know which design is traditional tallit and which one blends the contemporary style? Here we go-

According to Jewish law, wool was considered to be the base material for traditional tallit. Over time, it became the tradition to knit and inter-twist the tallitot mainly with white pure unblended wool and cotton that features knotted fringes at each corner of the sacred piece. Most of the traditional Tallitot are often entwined with decorative stripes in black and blue. 

On the other hand, without deviating from the conventional Jewish tradition, tallit manufacturers and designers now bring on innovative designs to induce contemporary style by painting or hand-weaving different Jewish motifs in the bright color scheme instead of using simple white in the base and prevalent black and blue stripes.

Tree of Life Green Woman Tallit, Bat Mitzvah Silk Tallit

Carefully select a unique Designer'sSilk woman tallit for Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

For the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, the process of choosing a woman tallit can be emotional as it is one of the most special and memorable occasions in a woman’s life. Therefore, taking the time to choose a Bat Mitzvah tallit focuses on the essentially of the event.

A woman tallit is an important symbol that reflects one’s Jewish identity. But one thing you must keep in mind while buying a woman tallit for a Bat Mitzvah girl is that she should feel the connection with a certain color or pattern portrayed the tallit that serves as central to her personality as well as an approach to life.

Bringing a contemporary twist to the religious Jewish emblem for Bat Mitzvah ceremony


The Bat Mitzvah girls or the Jewish brides nowadays prefer beautifully decorated designer silt tallit to enhance the style statement and to look ethereal on her special day. To cherish this life-time experience, everyone looks for the supreme quality woman tallit from a renowned Judaica store. Instead of simple white and blue or white and black stripes, women now prefer flaunting different Jewish symbols and motifs painted in bright color schemes.

Different feminine designer's items are tailor-made by artists to meet the desire for a prayer shawl that features Jewish motifs like the Tree of life, Flying Peace doves, Doves of Peace, the seven species, and flowers, etc. 

Blue and Green Stars of David Woman Tallit (H8), Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Hand-painted silk woman tallit manufactured by Galilee Silks is unique as each piece is individually hand-painted and specially designed on original silk, viscose, polyester, and soft Crepe De Chine Silk. 

One of the best parts about Galilee Silks' woman tallit is thatthey include meaningful messages and Jewish symbols in the designs. The special persons would love to get personalized gifts from you on her special day. You can order with us customization by embroidering a name on the tallit bag, using different motifs and scripts in the atarah and the kippah.