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The Jewish prayer shawl is a shawl made from wool, cotton, or even silk that has a lot of significance in the practice of Jewish religion and how religious Jewish pray. The large rectangular shawls are often received in one’s adult Jewish life at a milestone moment as well as worn by men and women during morning prayer services, on Shabbat, and holidays. Some Jews also wear it throughout the day. Technically, the shawl should be worn all day, but in today’s world, this does not seem to be a practical option.

The wearing of the tallit started from biblical times. Principally the prayer shawl performs as a reminder for Jews- a symbol of communal solidarity and to remain constantly devoted to God. One of the most beautiful features of the item is the knotted and twinned borderline fringes attached to the four corners of the prayer shawl, known as tzitzit.

Classic blue and white wool Tallit for men- Galilee Silks

Before you decide to buy Jewish prayer shawl, let us look at some of the essential things related to it. Read this blog to know more.

Origin and History of Prayer Shawls

Jewish prayer shawls go by many names, however, most of the time it is known by the “Tallit” name. Historically, these shawls were worn by Jewish men. After Moses (the most important prophet in Judaism), drove the Hebrew individuals from Egypt, and God spoke His commandments, men started the act of wearing a prayer shawl. Not only, these shawls were worn at the time of prayer, but also throughout the day. Men would put these tallits or shawls around their necks or under their outer garments.

The prayer shawl is assumed to be created as per the outer garments of Bedouins in order to guard their skin from the desert sun. That would clarify the white shawl with dark black stripes. The shawls would have been produced with a combination of silk and wool. The Israelites would have utilized wool to show the connection with the symbol of atonement.

The design is comprised of tassels that are attached to the four corners of the garment. Every tassel was to have eight threads and five knots on each corner of the garment. The total number of tassels signifies the number of commandments God gave in the Torah i.e., 613.

Traditionally, only men used to wear the tallit in prayer meetings, but in the modern era, some women also choose to wear them too. Usually, the color of the prayer shawl is white, with a blue thread running through the tassels. At the time when the Jews were scattered, it became difficult to obtain blue thread, and hence it was decided that other colors should be used.

Nowadays, prayer shawls are made and used much like they were designed traditionally. The prayer shawl is generally used by the Jewish people to connect to God faster and more intimately.

Significance of The Jewish Prayer Shawl

The Jewish prayer shawl is one such garment that gave God’s people a sense of power and authority. The attached tassels or fringe at the border of a garment signifies the authority that the individual had while wrapping it up. 

Jewish Tallit in Royal Blue, Tallit Prayer Shawl, Custom Tallit, Bar Mitzvah Tallit- Galilee Silks

The different colors such as blue, white, and purple used in the shawl have unique significance, as per the Jewish culture. According to the Jewish people, “God states Ezekiel being clothed in purple while Mordecai being clothed in royal apparel of blue and white, and a garment of purple in Esther. God is our King; hence, His children are of noble lineage”.

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