Important Things You Need to Know About Tzitzit Women


Tzitzits are generally found at the tallit’s corner, and these are one of the most crucial parts of the Jewish culture. Speaking about the tallits, these are important Jewish prayer garments generally used by boys and mens at various synagogue services. However, as time has changed, the demand for tzitzit women has increased as females have also started using tallits. Tzitzits are generally attached to the four corners of a tallit. Keep reading to know more about this and what does it really represents in the Jewish faith.

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What Do You Mean by Tzitzit?

Tzitzit is a Hebrew word that means Fringes. These are the threads that are attached to the tallit’s corners. Whether you are using tallit for Shabbat, prayer service or other important tasks, your tallit must have the tzitzit.

In the Jewish culture, wearing a tzitzit with a tallit is considered obedience to the commandment of God in the Torah. The culture says using tzitzit can fulfil two different laws of Tora. Both men and women prefer to wear tzitzit to commemorate the laws and God.

As per the Rabbis, one should wear it throughout the day and should be properly pinned on the tallit’s corners. But most clothing available in the market doesn’t have corners. That’s why you need to wear a tzitzit on your prayer shawl or small tallit, also known as Tallit Katan.

Praying With Tzitzit

In general, tallits are worn during morning services on Shabbat or weekdays. Besides, people wear it during the Yom Kippur. If you are using a tefillin, then you need to wear your tallit before wearing your tefillin. Tzitzit can be used by draping yourself in the garment, and when wearing it, people prefer to say special prayers.

Once you are done with your prayer, you can simply wrap it around the shoulders and clench the hands in front of the face so that you can cover your head.

Always keep in mind that during the Shema and the Baruch She ‘Amar parts of your morning prayers, it is advisable to hold the tallit’s fringes in your hands. For more information regarding prayers, you can follow the prayer book.

Knots and The Number on Tzitzit

You will find five knots and 8 strings in your tzitzit on every side of the tallit, and those elements represent and remind the users about the 613 Commandments. Every letter has an associated gematria, as per the ancient Hebrew. The total numerical values of Hebrew letters can add up to 600. By adding all these things, including five knots and eight threads, you will get 613 Commandments mentioned in the Torah.

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Undoubtedly, tzitzit is a crucial material in Jewish culture, and you should have these perfectly prepared to attain success in any religious work. Remember that having tzitzit during special occasions can offer you more pride than other things.

Closing Thoughts

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