How to choose the right size of Tallit

How to choose the right size of Tallit?

Mazal Tov! You probably started the exciting process of looking for a Tallit for one of life's meaningful occasions. We know that along the excitement there are also mixed feelings of uncertainty and confusion, especially around choosing the right Talilt size.

Our Tallit Shop has unique hand made collections with various designs, traditional and modern - and we are here to clear the uncertainty and provide information and support during this exciting process.

When searching for the right Tallit for Bar Mitzvah and Wedding, it is important to take into consideration several factors:

First, the current height, potential final height and body structure of the soon to be Bar Mitzvah boy or groom. 
Second, the desired Tallit Style - whether Shawl-like or Traditional (that is folded several times over the shoulders).

Once these factors are known, you can determine the required Tallit size based on the following chart:

You may choose a strictly accurate Tallit size, or be more flexible and estimate more or less the desired size. In order to be as precise as possible, it is always a good practice to try on a Tallit which belongs to a family member or a congregation member. Thus, you can see and feel what would be the comfortable Tallit size and style.

The standard Shawl style Tallit size which we at Galilee Silks make for young men and adults is 20"x72". The standard Traditional style is 55"x72". Specific designs, like tallits with hand painted Silk decoration, are 35"x72".

In addition, since we hand make all Tallit designs, we can create a custom Tallit in any size you need. We'll be happy to assist you with finding the right size, based on your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us using the Chat box, email, phone or Contact Us form and a customer service representative will contact you:


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We hope you'll enjoy the process and enjoy your unique Tallit for many years. 



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