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In Jewish tradition, the celebration of Bar Mitzvah holds special importance and is prepared with remarkable enthusiasm. Bar Mitzvah is the coming of age ritual for Jewish boys, celebrated after the young lad steps into his 13th birthday. Henceforth, he becomes responsible for his actions but until the completion of the ritual his father is accountable for his child’s actions. Fathers, therefore are responsible for making sure that your young boy looks smart, sober and is all ready for this important religious event. If you are already tired with the idea of physically visiting stores for finding the right tallit, switch over to reputed online shopping portals.

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The importance of the ritual in Jewish Community

Bar Mitzvah is the coming of age ritual for Jewish boys and from then onwards they are given the green signal to become an active member of the Jewish adult community. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is typically scheduled on the first Shabbat after a boy's thirteenth birthday. The young boy after the successful completion of the ritual carries their own responsibility for Jewish tradition, ritual law and ethnics. They acquire the eligibility to read verses from the sacred Torah and lead minyan as a full-fledged member of the Jewish community. Undoubtedly, Bar Mitzvah is indeed a very significant event in the life of a Jewish man and his family/friends. To grace the event and do full justice to the significance of the ceremony, the prayer shawl or Bar Mitzvah Tallit has to feelcomfortable and look distinguished.

The Bar Mitzvah is a social gathering in which the Tallit you chose for your son or grandson will be an attractive element. The Tallit has to look decent to blend well with the essence of such a religiously significant Jewish event. Galilee Silks is one those few sites where you can easily get access to such Bar Mitvah and Bat Mitzvah Tallits that are both traditional yet fashionably tailored. In this article, we will limit our discussion to Bar Mitzvah Tallit or Tallit for boys only.

An array of distinguished options is readily available at the official website of Galilee Silks. A few unique and outstanding choices are worth highlighting here.


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The Black and Red Wool Bar Mitzvah Tallit Set is a visually appealing option you have in wool. The gorgeous black-n-red design pattern is also repeated on the Tallit Kippah and bag provided in the Tallit set package. The atarah or the neckband features the blessing in an embroidered form.

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The Colourful Walls of Jerusalem Viscose Bar Mitzvah Tallit is a contemporary-styled option you have. The Walls of Jerusalem is a religiously significant place for prayers and pilgrimage of the Jewish community. The unique design pattern on the off-white viscose background undoubtedly will be an appropriate choice for your young boy on his Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The Tallit Bag and Kippah feature a matching design to further enhance the overall look. The major highlight is the cotton and silk Gold-framed panels in Red, Green, Greyand Black colours.

You can embroider the Bar Mirzvah boy's name on the Tallit bag for personalization.