Galilee Silks Bar Mitzvah Tallits

Our customers range from grandparents and parents to grown up Bar Mitzvah celebrators who reach this meaningful step in a later stage in their lives and select their own Tallit. The collection includes tallits in standard designs but we can also customize any design to a different size. The main themes of the designs are stripes or colorful hand painted silks. Among the more creative decorations are popular Jewish symbols. They can be in the shape of the Star of David (which also decorates the Israeli flag), the Seven Species and the Lion of Judea. Best seller Jerusalem Tallt: The Embroidered Jerusalem Landscape on Silk Bar Mitzvah Tallit 

This unique design is comprised of a wool tallit with a hand painted silk panel on each edge. On the silk panel you can find a delicate geometric embroidery showing the typical Jerusalem views of stone houses, narrow allies, and mysterious stairs – all in a mountain surroundings. Bar Mitzvah Tallit shoppers may start their journey of finding the right prayer shawl several days or weeks prior to the event. Others are planning ahead and searching for the suitable gift months or years in advance. Galilee Silks customer service is available to assist any tallit shopper with advice regarding the tallit size and timing when to order so they receive it on time for their Aliya. In some cases, identical or different designs are requested by twin Bnei Mitzvah. In this case, we can also add a personalized name embroidery to the tallit bag. This makes the tallit set unique and also helps to distinguish one Bar Mitzvah boy's tallit from the other. Another characteristic of our tallit shoppers their Bar Mitvzvah's ceremony location.

Some celebrate in their home town's Temple, surrounded by their congregation members. There are also families who choose to travel all the way to Israel in order to gather at the Western Wall for this once in a lifetime occasion. Another Best Seller is our unique Jerusalem Walls Tallit. This unique design by Galilee Silks Tallit Shop is a distinguished prayer shawl with a colorful panel. Fabrics in several colors are attached together, creating a unified look that resembles a brick wall. One of the most famous and identifiable thing about Jerusalem are its long standing walls which date back thousands of years.

When you are ready to shop for your unique Bar Mitzvah Tallit, brows the relevant category on our web store. You can contact us with any question using the Chat box or Contact Us form. It will be our pleasure to assist you in finding the right tallit, based on our extended experience and knowledge. We provide several shipping options so you can receive your order on the right time. These are detailed on each product's page and also in the Shipping section of the web site.