Fashionable and Colorful Handmade Tallit for Women

To help your daughter/granddaughter celebrate her Bat Mitzvah ceremony gracefully, gift her a beautifully hand designed Tallit for Women. The Tree of Life Bat Mitzvah Tallit can be a quality choice.

Tallit or prayer shawl for Jewish women should look attractive but portray soberness that soothes the eye and evoke a sense of respect as well. It is indeed a challenge to find a skilled tailor professional nearby who can make a beautiful tallit for your daughter/granddaughter or you in the exact way you wish. Handmade clothes and or garments are becoming tough to access and avail these days, but reputed online shopping portals specializing in handmade tallits can cater to the requirement appropriately. Vibrant looking stylish Tallit for Women are readily available online, and they are exquisitely designed and handmade by skilled professionals. 

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Understanding Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah is a highly significant event in the life of a young adult Jewish woman and her family/friends. It is a coming of age ritual for girls, and from this event onwards she is solely responsible for all her deeds as she becomes a bat mitzvah. She henceforth will bear her responsibility for Jewish tradition, ethnics and ritual and can take participation in all Jewish community areas. The conservative Jewish norm dictates that a girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah after she steps into her twelfth birthday, but Reform Jews opine that a girl also will celebrate the ritualistic Jewish coming of age event once she becomes 13-years old. 

Girls also have the liberty to celebrate the occasion!

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These days, a bat Mitzvah is religiously allowed and girls are seen reading from the Torah in public or participating in prayer service whenever a quorum of males is present around to do so. The Modern Orthodox Judaism not wholeheartedly support the massive open celebration of a girl becoming a bat mitzvah. In modern society, however, it is popularly practised, and the bat mitzvah girls read from the Torah and are seen leading the Jewish prayer services in a women's tefillah. They find no wrong in celebrating a girl’s place in the adult Jewish community just like the way it is for boys. There should be a celebration for your daughter\granddaughter as well, and you should make an extra effort in ensuring that she gets to dress in the most beautiful Tallit for women.

Buying from a reputed e-store

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Several reputed and reliable e-stores specialize in offering a diverse range of Bat Mitzvah Tallits at a reasonable cost. They display a rich and vibrant collection on elegantly handcrafted and designed Tallit for young girls. Though there is a sea of eye-catching options available, one such strikingly gorgeous yet sober Tallit needs special mention and detailed description here- theTree of Life Turquoise Tallit for Women.

Tree of Life Significance- A brief overview

No Jewish person is unaware of the Tree of Life or Etz Chaim symbol as it is frequently used in Jewish life. The concept owes its origin to the biblical story of the Garden of Eden. The term commonly denotes the Torah and is also a title of the 2001 Torah translation and commentary declared by the Conservative movement. 

The Turquoise Tree of Life Tallit for Women

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This Tallit design is available in an eye-soothing Turquoise colour that imparts an elegant, feminine feel and looks to the prayer shawl. The blessing is printed in silver on the neckband or atara, making it look even more impressive on the turquoise background. The Tallit looks luxurious as well thanks to its 100% silk crepe de chine fabricbase. The fabric seems glossy, feels satin smooth to touch and does not fade quickly. The frontal portion of the Tallit bears aHand painted Tree of Life design and is provided along a matching Kippah and tallit bag. To know in greater detail about this specific prayer shawl you can visit the reputed store online Their other exclusive collection of Bat and even Bar mitzvah tallit are equally impressive and gorgeous.