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Jewish people embrace the tallit on every auspicious occasion. Any religious ceremony is incomplete without this Jewish emblem which is a signature cultural outfit adorned by the Jewish men and women anywhere in the world. Tallit or prayer shawl portrays soberness and evokes a sense of respect when it is worn in a synagogue, Morning Prayer hall, burial, congregation, Bar Mitzvah, or Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Modern Blue Star Of David Wool Bar Mitzvah Tallit for sale

Despite meeting the Jewish traditional guidelines, the Jewish people are now looking for the tallit that looks unique and festive. Are you in pursuit of an exquisite tallit enriched with both the traditional and contemporary trends? This blog will provide you the out-and-out details of the leading Israeli Judaica shops that design and manufacture tallits for sale.  

Where to find the best hand-painted original Israeli Silk tallit?

It is not easy to find versed artisans and professional tailors who design eye-catching tallitot that feature aesthetics, contemporary twist, and traditional pattern altogether. Beyond the rigid Jewish traditional tallit concept like the wool or cotton fabric, white body colour, and only blue and black stripes, people these days cherish silk hand-made tallit to enhance their style statement.

Purple Flowers Silk Tallit for girl, Bat Mitzvah Tallit for sale

Several reputed and reliable online stores in Israel specialize in using a rich and vibrant collection on elegantly handcrafted and designed Tallit for Bat Mitzvah girl or Bar Mitzvah boy. Though there are eye-catching options available in over-the-counter online tallit stores, you must visit Galilee Silks for strikingly gorgeous original silk Tallit with a detailed description of several Jewish religious motifs.


Headquartered in Northern-Israel, Galilee Silks is a renowned Israeli Silk designer and manufacturer specializing in hand-painted original Israeli silk tallit. For over 25 years, they have been producing a distinctive range of traditional hand-painted silk tallit for sale.

Looking for a hand-painted silk tallit to gift your loved ones? Get the perfect piece at Galilee Silks

Our hand-painted Silk Tallit collection is unique as each piece is individually painted and specially designed on soft thick Crepe De Chine Silk! Without deviating from the conventional Jewish tradition, we innovate and incorporate unique designs to induce contemporary style by painting or sewing different Jewish motifs in the bright colour scheme other than simple blue and white. Besides the uniqueness, the special persons whom you gift the tallit will also love it if you personalize it. Galilee Silks can add customization by embroidering a name on the tallit bag, in a matching colour.

Among the more creative decorations are popular Jewish symbols. They can be in the shape of the Star of David (quite similar to the ones that decorate the Israeli flag), the Seven Species and the Lion of Judea, Tree ofLife, Doves of Peace, Jerusalem, and more.

Which are the best sellers Galillee Silk tallitot for sale?

Tallit is an intensely individual purchase to exhibit your personal preferences in style, color, and fabric. However, if you are confused to select from the huge collection of Galilee Silk Tallit then you can simply choose from our best sellers. 

The Wool Bar Mitzvah Tallit with Embroidered Jerusalem Landscape is one of our best sellers. This unique wool tallit features a hand-painted silk panel on each edge where you can find intricate geometric embroidery showing the typical Jerusalem views of stone houses, narrow allies, and mysterious stairs - all in mountain surroundings.  

Another Best Seller is our unique Jerusalem Walls Tallit which is fabricated in multiple colours and designed with a colorful panel to create a unified look that resembles a brick wall. One of the most famous and identifiable things about Jerusalem is its long standing walls which date back thousands of years.