Bat Mitzvah White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women

Understand the significance of Bat Mitzvah in the life of a Jewish girl and her family. You will know why White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women will be a perfect choice.

Bat Mitzvah is a significant event in the life of a Jewish girl and her family and friends. It is a Jewish coming of age ritual for girls (when she steps into her twelfth or thirteenth birthday), celebrated whole-heartedly, and with great devotion. The girl receives her very first Jewish prayer shawl or Tallit on the occasion of her Bat mitzvah ceremony. It has to be something special and eye-catchy without appearing too bold. This is exactly what the White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women provides, with its delicate and artistic design..

The Significance of Bat Mitzvah in Jewish Community

Conservative Jews arrange for Bat Mitzvah when their girl becomes 12 years old, whereas Reform Jews believe a girl becomes eligible for becoming bat mitzvah at the age of 13. The Bat Mitzvah ceremony is generally scheduled on the first Shabbat after a girl's twelfth/thirteenth birthday. Through this ceremonial rite of passage event, the father is freed from all the responsibilities of the sins ever to be committed by the girl henceforth. She is solely accountable for all her deeds as the "daughter of commandment" (Bat Mitzvah) and can actively participate in public religious worships.

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The ceremony is a lavish affair in the life of the girl celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, and all the friends and blood relatives attend the grand party. It is a fond memory for the family, and the selection of the Bat Mitzvah Tallit for the girl has to go perfectly well. You do not require becoming a worrywart over this matter as White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women would help your daughter/granddaughter shine and confidently go through all the rituals.

Adorning the New Full-fledged Jewish Community Member

The Bat Mitzvah girl will read from the Torah and lead prayer services in a women's Tefillah or might deliver a lecture on a Jewish topic for marking her coming of age. Though several conservatives rejected the idea of Bat Mitzvah ceremony in the past, it is celebrated with equal zeal, just like the Bar Mitzvah for boys. Investing handsomely in a Bat Mitzvah Tallit for gracing the ceremony and the party is crucial for adding more glamour and joy to the event. Wearing a tallit for the first time as she leads a congregation in prayer should feel special. Tallits tailored in shawl-size are usually more popular than full-size tallits.

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Design description

White Calla Lilly Bouquet Tallit for Women will be a quality selection for gracing this coming of age ceremonial event. This handcrafted Tallit for Women comes beautifully complemented with a printed Calla Lilly floral design and apple green satin ribbons. The soothing color combination looks sober and graceful. Delicate, opaque polyester fabric imparts a luxurious look to it.

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The Tallit is also available with a sheer base on special request while ordering. A matching Tallit bag and Kippah beautified with the same floral design comes along in the package. One can personalize the bag with the name of the girl in an embroidered form. The name can be embroidered in Hebrew, English or both. The Atarah part bears the blessing in white embroidery, making it highly appropriate for attending any Jewish holy event.

The feminine grace oozing out from this specific handcrafted Tallit is undeniable, and it does deserve your attention also as a commemorative gift to any Bat mitzvah.