Bat Mitzvah Tallit – The Most Treasured Item in the Jewish Faith

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With every religion, you will notice certain symbols, signs or types of clothing that are exclusively attached to their practices and customs. And Jewish customs are no different.

Tallit, popularly known as the Prayer Shawl, is an inseparable and integral part of the Jewishreligion. Conventionally only men used to wear them during the morning prayers, but today the push of equality between the genders has made it possiblefor the Jewish women too. And Jewish women today are also seen enjoying wearing a tallit alongside men that bestows a sense of spirituality upon them.For all the young Jewish girls, the tallitot are a fond reminder of their Bat Mitzvah day, as that will be the day where they will first fulfill the mitzvah of wearing a tallit.

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Enjoy Your Bat Mitzvah Celebration with Style and Tradition

Welcome to Galilee Silks original and unique Bat Mitzvah Tallit collection! If your Bat Mitzvah ceremony or celebration is around the corner and you are looking for a tallit that will represent your unique style and true fashion sensibility, visit us today! Wrap yourself with a beautiful custom-made tallit steeped in Jewish tradition along with your personal style.

Available in a myriad of fabrics, like silk and wool and colors like pink, blue, white and more, the Bat Mitzvah tallit today are sure to suit every woman’s individualistic style and personal choice. 

We carry an exclusive collection of Bat Mitzvah tallitotcollection so that every Bat Mitzvah girl and mother can find the right festive piece for this special day. We stock classic, modern, and hand-painted silk tallitotwith fabulous color schemes and best quality materials. Upon placing an order for a tallit, you will receive the beautiful item in an elegant set with matching Kippah and Tallit bag.They also have the same design, color, and pattern imprinted on them.

We at Galilee Silks invite you to browse through our beautiful, feminine, and refreshing Bat Mitzvah tallit designs. Have a look!!!

Tree of Life Green Silk Tallit for Women

Alt Text: TREE OF LIFE Green silk Tallit


This beautiful Silk Tree of Life Green women tallit has an artistic hand-painted tree of life decoration on green background. Made from 100% silk crepe de chine, the lightweight and soft fabric feels pleasant and delicate to be wrapped with. This feminine looking tallit is suitable for all ages and can be worn on special occasions or on a daily basis. The blessing printed in silver on the Atara compliments the turquoise background. You can even order this custom made Bat Mitzvah tallit with a personalized name embroidered on the tallit bag, making it an even more meaningful gift for your loved ones.



Musical Silk Tallit for Girl

Alt Text: Musical Tallit for Women

This beautiful musical Bat Mitzvah tallitis ahand-painted one with colorful artistic waves and music notes in black on a light blue background. This true silk fashion item with unique designs is perfect for any bat mitzvah girl, mother or grandmother.The blessing on the Atara is embroidered in Hebrew on the light blue background. The tallit bestows a feministic look and imparts a meaningful addition to those special moments when you gather and pray with family and congregation members.

White with Blue Flowers Silk Tallit for Women

Alt Text: White with Blue flowers Silk Tallit


The beautiful blue flower tallit for the girl is the most wonderful one for the young girls and women who are butterfly fancier. The base of the tallit is soft, white, sheer polyester, making it a perfect Bat Mitzvah tallit. The tallit features a hand-painted silk appliqué of blue flowers, with a decoration of organza ribbons. The blessing on the Atarais embroidered in Hebrew on the white background.


The perfect gift for life’s meaningful occasions!

Galilee Silks is Israel’s leading silk designer that specializes in the hand-dyeing of raw white silk and produces a distinctive range of unique Judaica textile products, such as Wool tallit, Silk tallit, and Women tallit. Our Jewish prayer shawls are the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones for life’s meaningful occasions. We also offer custom-made tallitot with personalized name embroidery on the prayer shawl and prayer shawl bag.