Bat Mitzvah Tallit Can Bring Joy across Generations

Tallits are Jewish prayer shawls. Tallits are sometimes received at a milestone moment in a person’s adult Jewish life. At mitzvah age, the majority of families choose to give their kids Tallits. They wear these types of Tallits for the very first time, in the time they lead a congregation in prayer as well as learning. The process of selecting Tallits can be a bit tricky and emotional, but in the midpoint of planning for a family occasion, it can sometimes be put off till the last moment.
Bar mitzvah Tallits for men

Spending time for electing a great Tallit not only allows a moment for everybody involved to take a positive step back but also focus on the essentiality of the occasion in their Jewish journey. Whether you and your children or grandchildren are fearing the process of selecting the perfect Tallits as a little difficult, here are four easy tips to help you to make the entire buying and choosing process a little easier.

Try it on for the exact color and size

In general, Tallits are often offered in two sizes. One is a traditional Tallits gadol and another is a shawl size one. Both types can be colorful and highly traditional. You should try it on for the exact color as well as size. Though different people have different taste if you are traditional as well as contemporary, then go for a mix colored one. Inasmuch as Tallits gadol are larger; they are generally worn draped up as well as folded over your shoulders.

Find a connection and make your own

For a few people, the opportunity to wear Tallits given by an older person can bring joy as well as strengthen a bond across the generations. Though these Tallits are not new but carry the family tradition. Therefore, they carry family history as well as importance in a person’s own Jewish identity.

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Tallits for women

Try to Be true to yourself

The best and most important way to figure out what size you need is to try them on! You can choose a traditional style one. This may be more prevalent in the Orthodox communities or for the purpose of prayer leaders. The style of the shawl, simply due to its smaller size, permits for more movement while wearing it.  Whether you are one of the persons who like dancing during the ceremony, the fitting should be perfect for you.

The best and the easiest way to figure out what tallit size and which color you like to try it. You should not be afraid of taking the bat mitzvah Tallit off the rack. You can imagine how you will look in it after wearing it, as if you are standing in front of the bima with your bat mitzvah Tallit.